From our working studio

and seaside gallery in beautiful Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia we create customized jewelry featuring Pearls, Precious Metals and Handcrafted Leather.

Pearls sourced from waters found around the world- Black Tahitian Pearls, South Sea Golden Pearls and Eco-friendly Freshwater Pearls are selected and hand-drilled for each Seamist Studio Design.

Blending sentiment and beauty, 14K Gold and Sterling Silver are hand forged into our Nautical Code- "Coordinates of YOUR Heart" Collection. These Latitude-Longitude Charms capture the location of events and memories that are completely unique to YOU and your life's journey.

Lastly, utilizing centuries old techniques and traditions, leather is cut and hand rolled into the magic thread needed to weave and connect these beautiful gifts of nature into wearable art. This allows us to create sentimental jewelry that can be worn virtually every day in any setting...even swimming in the sea!

the ocean is ingrained in our souls and has been the sanctuary, energy and rhythm of life to our seafaring family for generations. Our Nautical Code Jewelry and our Treasures of Pearls on Handcrafted Leather resonate this heritage. A life planned by the stars, directed by the currents and timed by the tides~


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